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Building Capacity, Developing Skills And Fostering Connections For Global Impact

One of the key objectives of the Global African Hydrogen Summit is to contribute to skills development and capacity building in the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors by delivering two workshops focusing on Hydrogen, Ammonia and Industrialisation Developments and Local Content in Hydrogen and Renewable Projects. The learning and development sessions will take place before the main Summit on Tuesday 3rd September 2024. 

Fully CPD accredited, the Pre-Summit Masterclasses will provide attendees with the practical skills in the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors which they can then apply to their day job. In addition, the workshops will help to shape organisational business strategy and provide the opportunity to start networking early with other attendees from around the world.

Presummit Class

Empower Your Future In Hydrogen And Renewable Energy

A key objective of the Global African Hydrogen Summit is to build capacity, develop skills, and foster connections for global impact. One of our core objectives is to enhance skills and foster connections in the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors, and we're achieving this through two workshops held on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2024, prior to the main Summit.

These pre-Summit Masterclasses are more than just sessions; they are transformative learning and development experiences. Fully CPD accredited, these workshops focus on crucial aspects such as Hydrogen, Ammonia, Industrialisation Developments, and Local Content in Hydrogen and Renewable Projects.

Attendees can expect more than theoretical knowledge – we are providing practical skills that can be immediately applied to your day job. As you immerse yourself in these workshops, you're not just acquiring skills; you're shaping the future of your organisation. These sessions will help you refine your business strategy and position your organization at the forefront of industry advancements.

But it's not just about learning; it's about connecting. Our workshops offer a unique opportunity to start networking early with like-minded professionals from around the world. Be part of a community committed to driving positive change in the hydrogen and renewable energy sectors.

Masterclass A

What are the hydrogen and ammonia project options for Namibia and the African continent? 

Green hydrogen opportunities to industrialise the continent: scalling up current and future projects.

Harmonising hydrogen certification and standards across the globe value chains.

Ammonia as a promising and environmentally friendly fuel.

What interventions can African countries effect to lower the cost of financing for green hydrogen projects to make them more competitive? 

Energy carrier development projects: exports, certifications, standards and hydrogen trade.

Overcoming Africa’s real challenge of attracting capital and scaling its green hydrogen industry.

Regulations, legal and fiscal frameworks for hydrogen and green ammonbia projects.

Ammonia as a key component to diversify the economy: 

- Fertilisers, energy carriers, a source for fuel cells and others. 

Global and regional collaboration to develop ammonia in country:

- Mobility, freight, shipping, power, chemicals 

Masterclass B

What are the hydrogen and ammonia project options for Namibia and Africa?

Local Content strategies: supporting and creating a thriving environment for local companies.

Certification, standards, compliance and procurement in the value chain.

How can Namibian and African companies access funding and be a full part of the industry? 

How can the Government and private sector work together to create an enabling environment? 

Financing SMEs and local companies: buying local goods and services.

Financing, certification and qualification: how to align the different elements for local companies to be part of the industry.

Investments required to move existing and future projects forward with local companies.

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For more information, please contact:

International Enquiries

Damian Howard, SVP - Energy
email: info@gah2s.com

Namibian Enquiries

Frank C. Godfrey, Namibia GM
email: info@gah2s.com

The Global African Hydrogen Summit Masterclasses is fully CPD accredited. 

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