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Why Mauritania?

Mauritania is making significant strides in the realm of green hydrogen, positioning itself as a key player in Africa’s transition to sustainable energy. The country is part of the African Green Hydrogen Alliance and here are some noteworthy aspects of Mauritania’s hydrogen strategy. 

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National Roadmap and Projects

The Mauritanian government is actively preparing a national roadmap to guide its green hydrogen initiatives. This roadmap aims to explore opportunities related to green hydrogen production and outlines the necessary steps to capitalise on these prospects. In May 2022, the Ministry of Petroleum, Energy, and Mines signed three pivotal projects:

Project Aman: This ambitious project involves constructing a $40 billion green hydrogen production facility across an 8,500 km² site in Mauritania’s northern desert and coastal regions. The hybrid generators, powered by wind and solar energy (with a combined capacity of 30 GW), are expected to produce 1.7 million tons of green hydrogen and 10 million tons of green ammonia annually. Remarkably, this output surpasses Morocco’s annual energy consumption by nearly threefold.

Project Nour: With an anticipated capacity of 10 GW, Project Nour aims to become one of the largest green hydrogen projects globally by 2030. It spans both onshore and offshore areas, utilizing solar and wind resources for electrolysis and green hydrogen production.

Green Steel with ArcelorMittal: Mauritania’s state-backed SNIM has partnered with ArcelorMittal to establish a steel unit. The project aims to produce 2.5 million tons of green steel per year.

Emission Reduction Goals

Mauritania has set an ambitious target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 92% by 2030 compared to business as usual (NDC). This commitment aligns with the country’s broader vision of transforming its energy sector by increasing the share of renewables to 60% by 2030.

Export Potential and Economic Impact

Mauritania’s proximity to the European market enhances its export potential for green hydrogen. The projects’ scale and economic impact are substantial, with expectations of increasing the country’s GDP by 50-60% by 2035.

In summary, Mauritania’s strategic focus on green hydrogen underscores its commitment to sustainable energy, economic growth, and global environmental goals. 

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